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Monday, February 22, 2010
Good Sticks Part 1

I'm really not in favor of all things turned to "11" on the dial at all times. There's no reason why all deserving teams should be in the NCAAs every year, no reason why the #1 and #2 football teams ranked in the polls have to meet every year, and no reason why the best athletes have to be in every Olympics.

However in the case of the latter, I am sure glad that they are for Olympic hockey.

Nothing beats high-level international hockey for sheer intensity. Nuttin'... not international basketball, not the World Cup, and certainly not the 3-man synchronized skeleton on the half-pipe combined or whatever nonsense is a medal sport these days.

My first exposure to international hockey was my first night in Canada when I was exposed to the Canada Cup which was the only venue, given that the NHL didn't release players to the Olympics, for the top international talent to play. The Canada Cup was (sadly) supplanted by the World Cup which was stellar in 1996 and finally in 1998 the NHL released its players for the Olympics.

So here we are. More on this tomorrow