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Thursday, January 21, 2010
One Year of Obama

In honor of the first anniversary of Obama's inauguration I was going to write about the major events of the past year and how it was all interconnected but then I realized that was going into too much detail so I decided on this....

Until Obama's inauguration, most people didn't know what sort of White House we were going to get; hope and change and all of all that meant you read into him what you wanted. Some thought we would get a lurch to the left in terms of policy while others thought that we would get a form of technocratic competency.

Instead we got none.

As I wrote yesterday, the main substantive achievements of the Obama Administration have been to jack up the deficit and intensify the war in Afghanistan, not exactly something either the competence or leftist camps would want. The major policy goals of the Administration, from economic growth to the environment to health care remained unfulfilled. That is despite large majorities in the House and Senate.

To top it, when Obama took office he had an incredible opportunity to not only set the agenda in terms of goals but also in terms of the policy outlines needed to achieve them. However from the outset he outsourced substance of those policies to Congress which is dominated by old leftist warhorses from the last time the Democrats ran Congress... come on does Nancy Pelosi, Harry Waxman, or Barney Frank scream hope and change and a post-partisan America?

Yet those are the people, not the Obama Administration, who wrote the initial substance to health care, cap and trade, and the economic stimulus. Obama came into office with a big-time mandate for change and instead did little but act as a salesman for whatever sausage churned out by Congress.