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Thursday, January 7, 2010
On the 13th Day of Christmas

Okay I'm back, it's only been what? 9 months? Yeah I know I have taken leaves of absences before but this one was a doozy and it wasn't like you guys were screaming for me to start writing again so well.... hey.

Where in the heck was I all this time?

Well I had some pressing personal business to take care of and time just flies. Yeah some people may use the term “pressing personal business” as an euphemism for “major prostrate surgery” but not me.

However despite the lack of major surgery, the past 9 months was a pretty ghastly experience that only daily doses of Maker's Mark saw me through (Mom was always smart about things like that.) You know that Nietzsche quote “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”? That sounds pretty good and I'm going to say that's what I got out of the last year or so though to my mind if you had the lower half of your body eaten by a shark like Felix Leiter did in Live and Let Die I'm not sure you would be stronger for the experience.

Maybe Goethe said that instead of Nietzsche, when it comes to German philosophy I am grateful that I have forgotten far more than I ever remembered

Why did I come back?

Because after all this time, I am now tanned, rested, and ready and just a little bit pissed off.

Oh also because over the past 9 months I got a puppy.....

and also a cat....

So there you go a puppy and a cat. That really doesn't explain anything but they are pretty adorable except when the puppy was teething and started chewing on the cat's head.

Now if we can find out what happened to El Gringo, we'll be set. The last I heard he was fighting off zombie cheerleaders in Chandler... serves him about right.