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Wednesday, January 20, 2010
If You Start to Take Vienna....

Obama's dropping poll numbers might be getting ink (or pixels or electrons) in the media but I think the reasons for that focus are misplaced. There's nothing inherently wrong with dropping poll numbers in your first year if you take on alot of tough issues and make headway; political capital exists to be spent and there is no time to spend it like your first year in office.

What should be analyzed is that Obama's numbers have dropped like a rock and he has accomplished.... what again?

Okay he got the stimulus passed and he boosted domestic spending and we all know how hard it is to get Congress, especially a Democratic-led Congress, to spend money being the tightwads that they are but then what after that?

Cap and trade, his signature environmental and energy legislation? Going nowhere in the Senate.

Health care? Equally dead.

Guantanamo Bay? Still open.

Education? If there was any legislation stemming from all that high fallutin' rhetoric in last year's State of the Union Address I haven't seen it.

Enhancing our image in the world? Well if that means effective diplomacy ask Russia, Iran, and China if the Obama's universal "reset button" has made them more amenable to us?

On the other hand Iraq seems to be doing rather well, good job Mr. President.

Oh that stimulus money and all the domestic spending? That will drive the federal debt to levels that make George W. look like a fiscal hawk? Wasn't that supposed to stimulate the economy? So I guess that didn't work either.

When you spend political capital, you should get a result either in increased poll numbers or in enacted policies. Given that just about every explicit policy goal that Obama has set out to accomplish, with the exception for now being prosecuting the war in Afghanistan, has not been met.... Obama has done the equivalent of liquidating the family assets and using the resulting financial capital to buy beer and Twinkies.

If you are going to wreck your Administration to pursue unpopular policy goals, then at least get your goals met.