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Sunday, January 24, 2010
The Decline of Western Civilization- Part 2

Instant replay.

Remember when you played sports as a kid, maybe it was for the school or some league or maybe it was just down the street with the other kids? There would be some blown call by whatever schlub was refereeing the game, perhaps they missed a foul or thought that past the given time of the afternoon that every pitch in the dirt was a strike. You would get mad, go back to the bench and what would your coach or team captain say?

"Suck it up, it's part of the game."

So why the growing fascination with instant replay in all sports at the college and professional level? Why the quixotic quest for the perfect call, to erase the fallible effect of human judgment? Seems kind of silly doesn't it? In baseball, it's limited to home runs but with the precedent set of getting the call right why not players involving runners on the base paths? In college football every play is under review by officials. At least the NFL for the most part throws an element of gamesmanship into the mix by requiring the coach to request a review, but even in that league all plays in the last few minutes of each half are automatically reviewed by the officials

I say Bah.

As a kid you learned fast that life wasn't fair and that the guy behind the plate or in the zebra shirt wasn't some sort of omniscient, let alone benevolent, god. You learned that Fate was capricious, that despite your best efforts that a stroke of bad luck could cost you the game.

You learned to play on through the injustice like a man and just like that scene in Deadwood, you learned that life was full of misfortune and that sometimes you got to dish it back.

There's no instant replay in life and there should be none in sports.