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Saturday, April 11, 2009
Three Levels of Fame

There are 3 levels of fame when it comes to the Internet punditocracy (right-wing version)

First there are those like Hugh Hewitt, Mark Steyn, and William Kristol whose reach extend to all sorts of print and electronic media.

Then there are those bloggers who those forementioned people think highly of and thereby gain international recognition. Like Arizona's own ExUrbanleague

Then are those who are able to say that have drunk beer and eaten nachos with the those internationally famous bloggers who the likes of Mark Steyn, Hugh Hewitt, and William Kristol think highly of... that would be me.

Mom taught many life lessons but I don't think basking in the reflected glow of certain bloggers is one of them. You know what though? It's hard to find a more talented group of guys than the ExUrban boys and I know you cannot find a better group of people anywhere. So hats off to them for good work and if you haven't read their posts on pirates or on Vikings than why haven't you?