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Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Holy Week Continues....

I am sure Father John wouldn't agree with this, in fact he could probably organize an ecumenical beat-down on me for suggesting this.

However I must say it.

I must say that Easter doesn't conclude until at least the day after the blessed day when all the Easter candy goes 1/2 price. In fact, here's where my beatdown is going to come from, there is almost something spiritual about it. On Monday before I went in, I stopped by a Wal-Mart and joined 4 other people who were busy scooping up 25-cent Cadbury cream eggs. We all laughed as we discussed how much of the candy was going to make it home to the kids (none) and what happened to all the peeps (none available.) The best part was when one person left with their stash and called out "Same time, same place next year!"

Yeah baby.

If you're really gutsy you can try waiting another week for the prices to get to 75% off. Years ago at the old Smith's grocery at Alma School & Warner, three weeks after Easter they still had a shopping cart full of peeps at 10 cents a box. Man that was a find.