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Tuesday, April 7, 2009
Catching Up on Sports

Various things from the sports world that happened during my 2 -week "furlough"....

Jay Cutler. For background on the schmuck check out his Wikipedia page but let me try and bottom-line it for you. Cutler wanted out because he felt dissed by management for trying to trade him. In his favor, he's a 3-year professional QB who threw for more than 4,000 yards last year and went to his first Pro Bowl. You would also think from the press coverage of this story that he's the second coming of Marino or Elway.

The truth is he played last year for a pass happy coach and for a team that had such a lousy defense that it had to score in bunches just to stay competitive. In fact is you look at his game log, you see that his performance was far from stellar during the last part of the year when his team nosedived. Good player? Yes but right now he's accomplished as much in his career, with his 17-20 lifetime record, as Scott Mitchell. Scott who? Exactly.... enjoy your new life in that aerial juggernaut known as the Chicago pass offense.

Other news....

I know things are bad in Michigan and Michigan State had a good run and all but by half-time of last night's NCAA championship game I was sick of hearing about how everyone in Michigan was being taken on a magical carpet ride away from their troubles. I know sportscasters look for angles they can beat into the ground, but that was a little much. Win or lose, you still wake up to tomorrow.

Finally and somewhat related....

When I watch sports, I am taking a break from the world. Sports, even on the level of high school baseball, provides for great competition and story lines but overall it's not the real world. The game ends, we go home or turn off the TV, and the world is the same as we left it. The world would be an easier place to understand if there was a rule book, you enemies wore uniforms, and somebody kept score but reality is messier than that.

Sports provides a diversion, an escape. So when sportscasters and writers, who making their very living by describing this diversion we call sports, try to bring real world events into their commentary in order to push a pet political position I have to object. If I wanted reality, I would stick to the front section of the paper. If you the sportswriter could write on weighty social issues, you would be writing for that front section. No instead you are consigned to write about grown men making millions playing the same game as my kids. Bless your hearts, I love what you guys do but please leave issues like the Binghamton shootings alone. You hear me Peter King?

My 2 cents about Mr. King's opinion that the shootings demonstrate that there are too many guns on the streets? I have a feeling that some of the people trapped in that building wished there was at least one more gun in the world and in their hands.