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Thursday, March 19, 2009
Congress, AIG and Confusion

I am trying to understand this whole political firestorm about the AIG bonuses.

The so-called stimulus package, Obama's signature legislation and passed by the Democrats, contained a provision that would ensure that the AIG bonuses would be paid.

So when those AIG bonuses were paid, as authorized by law, the same Democrats who passed that law suddenly go ape poop and scream how outrageous it was that something that they had authorized actually occurred. Their solution is to go pass what amounts to a bill of attainder to punish people who benefited from what the Democrats so specifically authorized.


So what am I supposed to conclude about this? I guess I have a number of options...

1) I can conclude that no one actually read the massive "stimulus" bill and that it contains more ticking political time bombs and fiscal cluster f***ks that are just waiting to go off. I mean how funny it is that Congress and the White House is getting so uptight about something that is so clearly spelled out?

2) I can conclude that given that Dodd inserted that AIG bonus language, that the good Senator from Connecticut seems to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the financial industry, and the way he slipped the language in that the $800 billion "stimulus" package is just an invitation to more political graft and corruption.

3) I can conclude that given the way the Obama Administration and the whole Congressional leadership is running around trying to find anyone, just anyone, to be a scapegoat that there seems to be more concern over an amount of money equal to Mark Teixeira's new contract with the Yankees than getting $800 billion in spending right.

So let's see in choosing among political incompetence, fiscal incompetence, and political corruption I can conclude that the AIG bonus issue is all three!