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Sunday, February 1, 2009
You Thought I Was Exaggerating

The other week I wrote a post entitled "Killing Hope, Puppies, Children, and Kittens" that extended a thought that the Republicans will be pilloried as monsters for trying to close the state budget deficit through spending.

Well I got an earful on that... that perhaps I was exaggerating just a bit. I was told that yes, it will be a point of partisan controversy given that the Democrats proposed closing the gap through smoke and mirrors but I was being hysterical by claiming that the Republicans will be attacked as baby killers.

Oh really?

From one of the lead op-eds in today's East Valley Tribune, Budget Cuts Reminiscent of Ancient Sparta.

Just so we're clear about the Sparta connection, the writer is not talking about standing up to the barbarian hordes and dying a heroic death like int he movie "300" but rather the Spartan tradition of infanticide, leaving babies-to-die.

Republicans as baby killers, in one of the two main newspapers in town.

Leave aside the lack of analysis of whether state revenue, even with the tax cuts the writer pillories, has outpaced inflation and population growth. Leave aside the fact that the writer works at ASU, one of the targets of the proposed budget cuts.

Is this any way to enrich the public debate?