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Monday, February 2, 2009
Thoughts of The Week That Was

I was asked for my comments concerning the past week while I was away...

First and most importantly, the Super Bowl. You have to do the right thing and congratulate the Steelers for making the plays when they had to; that final touchdown was just real pro and they deserved to win.

However going into the game I thought the Cards had a very good chance. I watched the Steelers play the Eagles earlier this year and Philly whipped them like a rented mule. People, both fans and media, had talked them into believing that Rooney/Tomlin/Big Ben were the second coming but I had a feeling that given the right circumstances, they could be had and they almost were. The difference in the game ended up being that freak interception run back at the end of the first half which was at least a 10 point swing. The Steelers did nothing for the first 27 minutes of the second half in terms of offense; they only scored 3 points during that time and the fact they even scored those 3 was due to a couple of ticky tack personal foul calls.

The other big point is how the Cards played. I hate the term "moral victory" which is usually used when they are about to lower your coffin into the ground. The Cards were 2 1/2 minutes from one of the great Super Bowl victories of all time and instead who has 95% of today's front page coverage? That's what happens when you get close but don't make it, no one cares and deservedly so. Having said that I was very pleased with the Cards, not so much for making the Super Bowl as for the toughness they displayed both in this game and during the NFC Championship. There were times during both games when they looked dead and buried and you just knew the writers in the booth were finishing the Cards' epitaph. Instead of folding and playing the foil to a great stories by the Eagles and Steelers, the Cards crawled out of the grave dug for them and fought back. In all the years I watched the Cards, I never expected to see that spirit and determination and I was surprised and very happy to see it this postseason

The FY2009 budget...

For all the people who are bellyaching about the fact that the budget process was rusghed and done behind closed doors, you have a point and I hope to see a better process for the FY2010 budget. I think everyone, not just lawmakers but also the public, need to understand the choices involved in what promises to be a very bloody and wrenching process.

Having said that, those bellyachers need to keep things in perspective. The FY2009 budget was unbalanced from the day it became effective 7 months ago and the previous governor and the Democrats in the Legislature who wrote it did nothing to correct the problem. I don't know when the point of no return would have been on the budget, the date after which if the budget hadn't been fixed that the state government would have to turn the lights off for part of the fiscal year, but such a date would have become a distinct possibility. The deficit had to be fixed and it got fixed and it took less than 3 weeks under the new legislative leadership (or if you like less than 2 weeks of the Brewer Administration) to get it done.


No I'm not going to say anything about the siutation in Kentucky and elsewhere where people are suffering in freezing weather without power and heat and FEMA has yet to arrive except to say that a certain someone we all know here in Arizona now heads the Department of Homeland Security and has FEMA under her superivision. Those of us who remember her response to the gas pipeline break in 2003 that cut off 70% of Phoenix's gas supply or her lack of unflappability whenever things didn't go her away (see her response last month to Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin) shouldn't be surprised. You cannot bully an ice storm or scream at it to get it to do what you want.