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Thursday, February 5, 2009
Let's Not Be Premature

For all of you who are waiting for the Obama Presidency to implode, let's think about this for a little.

First some historical perspective. Go back to the first several months of the Clinton Administration; the media was rife with stories of how the man was toast. How his people were just either newbie kids dragged in from the campaign team or kitchen cabinet hicks drawn from Arkansas. You know how this story ended, the man went from being toast to a popular two-termer.

Second, there are problems but problems that can be fixed. First you have campaign staff who have been promoted to the White House and aren't cutting it. That press guy Gibbs? Man he is awful, worse than George Stephanopoulus was in those early Clinton months. Next somebody on the senior staff level is giving Obama bad advice concerning the bailout. You just got elected to the most powerful job in the world on the mantle of hope and change and you get Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of probably the lowest-regarded Congress in history, to write your keystone legislation (the stimulus bill)? Whose bright idea was that? Was it Emmanuel or was it Jarrett or Axelrod? I would say the latter two as the Chief of Staff is more of a gatekeeper but Rahm was brought in for his congressional ties and a good deal of the problem right now is Congress. Well I don't see the three of them going but get rid of Gibbs as an example to encourage the others... as they say kill the chicken and make the monkey watch.

Oh and one final thing on the previous point. Get someone in who either doesn't have a Chicago ear for ethics problems or has enough clout to be able to put their foot down when they see one, but the vetting process by the Obama people is comical.

Finally I'm taking wagers on when David Gergen will be called in to take a senior staff position at the White House in order to "save the Obama Presidency." I'm saying May 1. Say what you want about George W., but at least he didn't let that man into the West Wing.