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Friday, February 6, 2009
About What I Said Yesterday...

I was reminded by someone that when I wrote that post yesterday about how analogous the operational problems facing the Obama Administration were to those of Clinton, that I had forgotten the most important point. That Clinton started on the upswing not when he got the operational kinks out but when the economy started to do an up-tick and the Republicans gained control of Congress. Not only did Newt and the boys take some shine off the Republican brand during the governmental shutdown of 1995 but by having the other party in control of Congress, it seemed the Clinto Administration was restrained from following through on its worst instincts- like trying to reform health care.

Anyway the basic point holds true, there is alot of time between now and November 2012 so let's not go around with any "implosion" statements.


I watched President Obama's speech to the Dem House retreat and I was shocked by the tone. Yes it was a speech to the faithful but one that was picked up for a national (though limited) audience. He was angry and defensive, trying to paint the Republicans as the ones to blame for holding up the stimulus package and putting the economy at risk. So let's go through this and pick it apart:

1) The Democrats control both chambers of Congress, already won in the House, and are in the process of picking up the few Republicans they need to stop a filibuster (which McConnell has already said he will not do ); in fact a final vote will probably come by Monday. So who exactly is holding things up? Olympia Snowe for not caving even faster?

2) I guess when Obama talked about "bi-partisanship" he meant not reaching common ground with the other party, but rather the Republicans caving-in and accepting every Democratic proposal as is otherwise he would throw a presidential hissy fit.

3) As far as the emergency aspect of this.... most of the money won't be spent until next year. Alot of people gave in over TARP because they were told that the credit markets would seize up if we didn't start throwing money from helicopters by the end of the week. According to the schedule of the"stimulus" package, not only won't we be throwing the bulk of the money out the window by the end of the next week we wouldn't have cut the purchase orders on the money-showering copters until Thanksgiving.

4) Coyote Blog put it best... how on earth did a newly-elected president who ran on being a transformative figure in American history go to being Nancy Pelosi's chief whip in a matter of 17 days?

So given all of this, it may take more than I thought to make this work.