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Thursday, January 15, 2009
Thinking of Khan

A mish mash of thoughts...

How do you deal with the nation's largest state budget deficit (as measured as a percentage)? The Appropriation Chairmen for the Arizona Legislature outline the options for an effective, non gimmicky, approach. The best part is in the last slide which, in a refreshing change from the hopes and prayers of the last few budgets, propose a budget plan that would exceed the projected FY2009 shortfall in order to provide some buffer to future economic shocks. No word on the promised budget from Governor Napolitano who is in Washington wrapping up her hearing for Homeland Security.

How bad are Philly fans when it comes to the dark pit of the soul? Forget about booing Santa Claus as that was fully justified. Instead see this comment to a post in Galley Slaves regarding what would happen to Philly sports fans if the Eagles won the Super Bowl:

Winning will not change the icy heart of the Philly fan. After the game, my brother-in-law claimed that the only thing better than the Eagles winning the Super Bowl would be having Andy Reid fired at the post-game victory celebration.

That feeling is pretty widespread by the way. I heard they still booed Mike Schmidt during his Hall of Fame induction speech.

And finally to Khan

Ricardo Montalban just passed away. He was the sensation when I was in grade school, not because anybody watched Fantasy Island as that was past our bed times or was after Lobve Boat or soemthing but because of his Chrysler car commercials. The man exuded class and taste and all of in my class could do great imitations of "rich Coreentheean leather." One weekend my Dad brought home a company car that just happened to be a Chrysler Cordoba; rather than trying to get him to do a Smokey and the Bandit with the company wheels like we used to do, my brother and I just wanted to sit in the back with the car parked in the driveway. When I returned to school that Monday with the report that I had actually experienced the wonderful leather, I was treated like the great explorer Stanley returning to London after venturing to the heart of Africa.

My other great memory was during a boring car ride to New Mexico. There used to be signs along the highway proclaiming some upcoming historical landmark and exhorting me to turn the AM radio dial such and such frequency. Well after several such trips I finally broke down and turned the dial to discover that the frequency in question had a recording Mr. Montalban doing a documentary of each historical site I was passing. Wonderful. Then again he would sound wonderful reading cooking recipes or announcing the hog competition at the Marion County Fair.

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