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Monday, January 19, 2009
Things I Haven't Discussed

I have been asked why I have refrained from commenting on certain issues. So here goes...

The upcoming Obama Presidency. I didn't want to jump on the guy because first he hadn't even taken office, I know there are people in this country who in the past have liked to condemn a man for such things but hey I'm old fashioned, I'll judge a man by what he does not what he says. Second, I think I like the man's cabinet picks better than those who voted for him.

Btw... we'll say a prayer for him tonight and tomorrow. Whether you voted for him or not he will be the president as of tomorrow and right now that isn't a job I'll wish on anyone.

Light rail...

I think I have said it before. Congratulations to Metro for getting the job done on schedule and what looks to be on budget. I will be intersted to see what the ridership looks like say, 6 months from now, especially in comparison with the Red Line bus route which the rail follows. I know that even if ridership numbers are int he pits that it won't stopt he $100 million per extension from going in, heck I know that low ridership will be seen as a justification for expanding the system, go figure.

One question though, why do I have to pay for a separate ticket to ride the rail and the bus? Why cannot there be a common transfer for both? Shouldn't the bus and rail systems be integrated as one?

Photo radar...

All the hub bub about it being used for revenue generation as opposed to safety, the move to get it banned... all old news and I cannot say it any better than others. My point is that when the current Governor proposed the plan as a way to balance the budget, she said it would generate $90 million in revenue the first year and $120 million the second. Now in her recent budget proposals she has given numbers of $50 million the first and $75 million the second. Why do I think the actual numbers will be even less than that? Why do I think the photo radar numbers are as much a mirage as all of her budget numbers?

I know I'm being a cynic.