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Saturday, January 31, 2009
Can't Anyone Play This Game?

Remember during the campaign when Senator Joe Biden said it was patriotic for wealthy people to pay more taxes?

Remember when President Obama pounded on Wall Street types for pulling down big bonuses while their firms were taking in taxpayer-funded bailouts?

Well Mr. President and (now) Vice President Biden, what about cabinet officers taking in big government paychecks while skimping on their taxes?

So with Geithner and Daschle caught on their taxes right at a time when their party is looking at handing out hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars (well borrowed dollars) to favored constiteuncies? For years Republicans have been cirticized for liking big government as long as they could borrow for it, now I guess we can say Democrats like big government as long as they don't have to personally pay the taxes for it.

Couple of thoughts...

First, take the Geithner and Daschle messes. The only reason we know of them is because they were appointed for cabinet posts, so how many other unppointed tax cheat are out there? Should we take Scrappleface's suggestion and expand the cabinet so it's large enough so we could get more tax cheats to own up?

Second, what's up these cabinet appointments? Cannot anyone vet them? Add in the Bill Richardson fiasco which only a top secret spy or someone who lived in New Mexico for the past few years would ever know about and you have to wonder who approves of these appointments.

Third, what does that say about the tax system? Back as an undergrad a prof made the remark that the difference between the old US and Italian tax systems was that the former had alot of deductions because they expected you to be honest while the latter had few deductions because they expected you to cheat on them... I have the feeling we as a country just found out how rotted out our system is. It reminds me of what another prof said... in an era of big government it's the middle class that gets screwed because the lwoer class doesn't pay taxes and gets government benefits while the upper class learns how to manipulate the system