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Monday, January 12, 2009
About that Cursed Frogurt...

People have been asking me in light of the Cardinals' playoff run if I'm still sticking with the idea that the team is cursed... and the answer is yes. Cursed is cursed, every new success by the team is simply a new and diabolical way to get your hopes up before they are cruelly crushed. There's no hope, no escape, just misery past, misery being experienced, and endless eons of misery to be experienced.

If you think about it, the curse is actually irrefutable because nothing will dispel it, even winning a bunch of Super Bowls won't do it because all that success is just to get your expectations up. Really the escape from this is death.

Our only hope is to crush the hope of others (think Jake Delhomme is going to be starting next year?) How very Russian. I once asked my mother if we were Russian and she said no, it just comes from following Philly sports too long. It just gets into your blood, like malaria.

Having said that...

The last 2 weeks has been beyond awesome, so awesome that it's almost worth whatever dark nights of the soul await us. This is team that has underperformed ever since it cam to the Valley. Even when they went to the playoffs 10 years ago, they barely squeaked in playing a creampuff schedule, and beat a declining Cowboys team in the Wildcard. This year's team was a dead man walking, getting spanked by 40 points in New England. Instead of going down, they actually beat two quality teams in a decisive fashion... it's almost scary.

So enjoy it, because the success we're experiencing now we'll have to be repaid someday.