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Wednesday, December 24, 2008
Sippin' Whiskey

A wise man once told me that forget barrels and single malts, forget grains and peats; whiskeys are divided into two types, those for fightin' and then there are those for sippin'. I have been too much into the sippin' kind today for much good, in fact based on the lack of posts over the past week, I guess you can say I have been sippin' for a while.

So some thoughts here on Christmas Eve.

I have found the papers to be almost unreadable over the past few months. The TV and the papers tell me that depression and ruin fill the land, every day bringing bad news, every day bleaker than the last. We're all going to die.

I would go into our political leadership. How it has become feckless and corrupt, but now is not the time for doing that... plus if I started writing on that issue I would have to switch to the other type of whiskey, put away the Maker's Mark and bring out the Old Heaven Hill. As I said one whiskey is for sippin' and the other....

The point is that fear and despair seem to have infected the land. Things aren't good right now, but things have been worse in the past. You really wonder how we made it through things like the Great Depression, WW II, the Civil War, the Revolution. Actually what right now sounds like is the 1970s where the theme was civilization decline and demise from rampant crime, stagflation, depletion of resources, bad fashion and too many clothes made out of synthetics.

Gee whatever happened after that? Strangely enough we are still here

A wise man told me once that I would have better days than this and I would have worse days, that man was my boss and he told me that over dinner at a KFC after I gunked a major project. I never forgot that lesson, that you need in life to take the rough with the smooth and most of all not to learn to panic. That was some sound leadership on his part that evening as I stared at my Original Recipe.

So anyway take it easy have a drink this Christmas. If you have the time go over to Sonoran Brewing this Sunday, Vox is having a bloggerama blow-out and Thomas is coming back from North Carolina just for the occasion.

I'll see you early next week.