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Tuesday, December 9, 2008
Senator Kennedy... from New York

I am still cleaning up the monitor from reading this, I don't know what drew me to it, but more than 12 hours later I'm still shaking my head about this Ruth Marcus column promoting Caroline Kennedy for the open New York senate seat. Not only I do find the material retching, but I'm a bit dazed from reading how Ms. Marcus talks herself into supporting Ms. Kennedy's candidacy

Now I'm not up to speed on the inside odds regarding who will get picked to replace Hillary Clinton, I guess Andrew Cuomo makes as much sense as anyone considering he may be a rival for Patterson in the 2010 gubernatorial. I also don't have any great insight regarding Ms. Kennedy's political abilities outside of the fact that her anointment of Senator Obama with her father's legacy sure helped.

However let's face it... if her name wasn't Kennedy she wouldn't even be mentioned in all of this. She has no experience in elected office and it appears that her advancement in Democratic politics is based largely on her trading on her father's name.

Okay I'll admit it. I'm just sick of the Kennedys; the soap opera nature of the family, the "martyrdom" of the two brothers, and not to mention the non-stop coverage when JFK Jr. rammed his plane into the ocean. Look I can accept the fact that if you were born into the family then you are already on 3rd base when it comes to the public stage, how else to explain RFK Jr.? However do we have to accept that public office is something a Kennedy is entitled to upon demand? I mean didn't Hillary at least have to run for her seat?

As an aside I find it more than amusing this modern-day Democratic reverence, near-worship in fact, for JFK. After all the man was elected in part on a policy of building more nukes, had a hawkish foreign policy that included the sending of military forces around the globe, and the man cut taxes. Should I also mention JFK's lack of enthusiasm for the civil rights movement? How does all of that square up with the President-elect (pull troops out, no more new nukes, raise taxes) on whom Ms. Kennedy bestowed her father's legacy? Would she today bestow her father's legacy on the man who was truly her father?

So who was JFK closer to? Bush or Obama? Maybe it's the latter but I bet you'll have to think about it for a bit.