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Friday, December 5, 2008
Pro-rouge or Prorogue?

If you follow the Canadian Football League , the place where NFL players who are either too short (Flutie) or too high (Ricky Williams) go to make a living, you know all about the rouge... that one point the other teams gets when you cannot run the ball out of the end zone. There are alot of rules like that in the CFL, like 3 downs, the 55-yard line, and once having two teams called the Rough Riders; I think they do it just to make it different from the NFL.

So imagine my surprise when I heard that the great Canadian political crisis that I wrote about earlier this week was solved when the Governor General agreed to prorogue the House of Commons. I mean that was all it took? Who knew this great constitutional crisis could be solved by downing the ball in the end zone?

Oh you mean prorOGUE and not pro-rOUGE, I see now. She basically closed the House of Commons down and told them not to come back until late January.

As an aside... did you know that in the 1990s the CFL expanded to the US with teams in such places as San Antonio, Memphis, and Shreveport? Wow I wonder how that worked out in Louisiana... was there a heated rivalry between Shreveport and say Edmonton.? Also apparently the Baltimore franchise won the Grey Cup, the CFL championship, in 1995 right about the time NHL teams like Quebec and Winnipeg were moving to the US. No wonder they hate us.

Back to politics...

If you remember, the whole constitutional crisis was coming to head this Monday when the Conservative government was going to lose a vote in the House of Commons and then be replaced by a NDP-Liberal-BQ coalition. The problem was that there was an election just 6 weeks ago and the parties that formed the coalition were told by the voters to take a hike, so it didn't seem fair for them to sneak into power through the back door. Another alternative was to dissolve Parliament and hold another election, just weeks after the last one. That didn't seem too bright as well, plus that meant holding an election campaign during Christmas and Boxing Day, apparently there is some Canadian superstition regarding campaigning on Boxing Day.

So the Governor General, who is the Queen's representative in Canada, decided on another alternative- to prorogue. Since the only thing that would come out of Monday's vote in the House of Commons were problems, she decided to lock everyone out of the House of Commons and not have any vote at all. Keep in mind that the Governor General isn't elected, she was appointed by a prime minister who held office like three prime ministers ago, and represents a queen who as any red-blooded American will tell you isn't elected at all.

So an unelected representative of an unelected queen solved a constitutional problem in a democracy by locking the doors of the country's pre-eminent democratic institution and telling the people's elected representatives to go away for a couple of months. Sounds very un-democratic, in fact sounds more like Chicago than Canada.

Did I mention the queen in question is descended from ole George III of American Revolution days? Coincidence? I think not.... hey Canada you should have joined up with us back in 1775 when you had the chance and so instead of still being pushed around by British royalty you could have Nancy Pelosi and President Obama's puppy