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Monday, November 3, 2008
What Can Obama Do for You?

I'm not going to go into the last-minute scuttlebutt about the campaign because if you start following that type of stuff you are going to twisted out of shape. If you are working on a campaign, keep working like your candidate is 10 points behind. If you haven't decided who you are going to vote for, turn off the TV and go out and have a beer - it will come to you; beer has that type of power.

I have said it before, this election is about Obama. It's been a rough 4 years and on top of it there is a definite nasty streak going on among the citizenry. When things like that happen then it's the other guys who get voted into office and that's what the good man from Illinois is counting on, listening to him on CNN today he was trying his hardest to convince people that he was really running against Bush and not McCain.

Anyway, if people are comfortable with him he wins, if they aren't then he probably doesn't. In that way it's alot like Reagan in 1980.

My question, especially for those moderates out there who are backing him, is that when you consider Obama do you really know the man and what he will do? I was going to provide you with a position-by-position list of all the things Obama has promised and then pose them with the probably consequences, but you know what? I found out I am unable to do it because the man's positions have shifted by the month, if not the week. Don't believe me? Check out the list from Campaign Spot or the video from Ham Nation.

This is just during this campaign run. Notice I don't even reach back to his positions on redistribution from his Illinois Senate days, his affiliation with the New Party ticket, or his support for expanded government powers through a reniterpretation of the Constitution.

So what is he? The most liberal presidential candidate since McGovern? After all he has one of the most liberal voting records in the Senate and has all those past policy positions. Cynical and ruthless pol who merely tells the audience in front of them what they want to hear? Well that sort of contradicts "hope" and "change" and leaves you wondering when he's going to change his policy positions again.

Judgment? The man is a creature of the Chicago Machine. He has chosen to associate himself with some of the most odious characters in public life in order to advance his political career; from the fixer and convicted felon Tony Rezko to sitting in the congregation of the notorious race baiter Jeremiah Wright to a still unexplained relationship with a man (Ayers) who unapolegtically levied war against the very country and Constitution that Obama is wanting to protect.

So again, what is he? Ruthless and cynical pol who navigates through the political thicket changing his poisitions with lightning speed to meet the political realities of the minute and of his immediate audience or the most leftist political candidate since McGovern?

Well I guess you can still claim he's a political moderate just doing what it takes to get by in a center-right nation and a Democratic Party run by the Move-On/Kos crowd, having to swing between one position and another, doing what ever it takes to get elected so he can help the country. You can say that but I have to say that you are reaching.

So let me bring me up one final point, how will he deal with a Democratic Congress? The one that wants to implement one of the most anti-democratic reforms of the past 75 years through the imposition of Card Check? That wants to hamper free speech and the media through reimposition of the Fairness Doctrine? That wants to cut the defense budget by 25%? That wants to jack up taxes way beyond a simple lapsing of the Bush tax cuts? Say you think Obama is too moderate, too centrist to support those bills; do you think he would veto them or would he go along with some trimming around the edges? You think he would put a stop to them? When has he ever demonstrated that level of political courage? Paging Rahm Emmanuel....

Note that this is the tip of the iceberg, what is beyond dispute. Note that I haven't even gone into his relationship with ACORN, the intersting way in which his campaign finance system operates, the interesting views that the important women in his life (mother, wife) have about America, his relationship with a cast of other Chicago figures, his intresting views on American exceptionalism, his views on use of military force....

I know a little bit of history and I'm trying to think of another major presidential candidate of whom so little is known and has so little experience and I cannot think of one. Obama has often been compared to Lincoln, another politician from Illinois who had only a short state legislative and Congressional career to his name. However in 1860, everyone knew where Lincoln stood on the most important issue of the day and everyone knew that he was man of his word on that issue.

Compare that to Obama.

Is my view negative? Yes, but as I said this is an election that is a refrendum on Obama and there can only be two sides to the issue when you cast your vote; you're either for him or against him. You have been warned.

Now go have that beer.