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Saturday, November 29, 2008
Under the Bus

I have been asked by my friends of opposite political persuasion of my opinion of the initial Obama cabinet picks. I have to say that so far so good, not perfect but the best that could be hoped for given that my side lost the election. Serious men and women who will take their job seriously. As far as picking Senator Clinton I find the selection foolish for the President-elect but that's a matter for another day.

I had often wondered which person a President Obama would be. Would he be the leftist New Party candidate who spoke glowingly of redistribution, had a positivist view of liberty, and wanted a piece of Joe the Plumber's pie? Would he be a moderate, DLC-type of Democrat? Would be be true to his Chicago roots and do whatever was necessary to further himself?

I didn't know before the election and my guess is neither did anyone else. Disgusting that it worked out that way given that the man was on the campaign trail for 20 months but take it up with the media. Hey don't blame Obama because if you can get away with being an engima wrapped up in a handsome smile then more power to it

Now the people who thought they knew Obama were the progressives and the Kos kids who thought the election of Obama would usher in a new era of peace, happiness, and the end of capitalism. Surprise... Obama's economic and national security picks aren't too far off from those who sat in Bush's cabinet over the last few years. So add the wild-eyed progressives, for now, to those who got thrown under Obama's electoral assault vehicle.

Before we all get giddy about this moderate-tint to the Obama presidency and for us Republicans an escape from the Obapocalypse, keep in mind that this isn't the first time the man has thrown people under the bus. What do you call a man who acts one way during the sales pitch and another after you buy the product? As Wretchard might say, we may rub our hands with glee as the man shoves the knife into the back of campaign promises without realizing that if he treats his supporters this way what will he do to those who are not?

Sit back, have a beer, and keep an eye on the appointments and policy. It's going to be wild.