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Thursday, November 13, 2008
Speed for Your State

Over the last month or so, you've probably noticed around town the photo radar sites going up along the highways as part of the Governor's plan to raise state revenue. Controversial at the best of times, these new sites are even more so because speeders will only be assessed a fee and not points on their license. It really is just about the money and not safety.

Make of it what you will. Actually I'm surprised they went up as fast as they did, if only MVD worked as fast.

Other bloggers have speculated that if the photo radar sites don't make their mark, that is catch enough speeders, the Governor will direct that the system be gained by lowering the 10 mph buffer over the speed limit. From my personal experience, I think it's worse than that.

I have noticed that for all fixed sites, that there is ample signage indicating to passing motorists that they are nearing an enforcement zone, in some cases there are two sets of signs. The other day while on SR-51, every car around me was braking a good 1/2 mile before the cameras so I have real doubts that the cameras are going to clear anywhere close to the projected $90 million.

I guess they could take the signs down, but whatever the legality of that everyone would still know where the fixed sites are so that won't do it.

Here's my suggestion to keep revenue flowing in... start placing items along the highway in front of the cameras that will cause drivers to speed up. Some ideas would include:

1) Based on the number of people who run red lights, put traffic lights that are continually going from green to yellow. I bet a number of drivers will just floor it out of some Pavlovian reaction.

2) Put up a sign announcing a school crossing zone

3) Put up billboards of Joe Arpaio in a bikini

The $180+ you'll pay for tripping the cameras would be a small price to pay to escape the sight of that.