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Thursday, November 20, 2008
Smell You Later

With news that Governor Napolitano has been offered Homeland Security, I guess we'll find out whether she'll choose an outer-tier cabinet position or whether she'll do what the local Democrats hope for and stay to keep the Republicans out of the 9th Floor.

My guess is that she'll waving from a jet plane saying "Smell you later!"

On one hand if you are a national Democrat it could be worse... Obama could have selected Richard Clarke marking yet another Clintonista appointment. Of course if you are a national Democrat, Obama could have made a better selection.

Let's see about Governor Napolitano's cred...

Knowledgeable about international terrorists? Nope

Experience in busting local extremist groups up to no good? Nope

Demonstrated ability to get disparate and unwieldy bureaucracies to work together combined with ability to work with the legislature and all levels of government? Janet "The Screamer" Napolitano?

Hey but she's governor of a border state, that counts for something right? Well it does if you equate homeland security with defending the border against illegal immigration which I don't remember being an Obama campaign focus. Anyway let's look at her record on illegal immigration/border control:

Sent National Guard to the border? Yes, after the Republican-Legislature forced her hand

Supported building fence? Janet "15 foot ladder" Napolitano? I think not

Showed initiative in solving border issues using local resources? She's well-known for her local policy of "illiegal immigration is a federal issue."

In fact we may want to send her congratulatory telegrams with that slogan embossed on the front. Funny how life turns out.

Yeah sweet pick