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Monday, November 3, 2008

Man I'm getting sick of these robo-calls, this time around they have my cell phone number and for each call I get that I don't recognize the number for I spend wondering if this is either the Governor asking me to vote for some state rep or that guy in Chicago who finally has those numbers I need.

The best robo-call was from State Rep Kyrsten Sinema on the gay marriage ballot question. I'll say this about Ms. Sinema, she's isn't shy. This time she asked me to again vote against the gay marriage ban and keep politics out of marriage.

I am confused.

First the ballot initiative, whatever its merits, would enshrine the ban as a constitutional amendment which would keep the politicians permanently away from the issue. Maybe I should just vote against it so we can keep the politicians out and the judges in.

Second, I seem to remember when this issue last came up in 2006 that Ms. Sinema and her allies spent alot of time trying to convince me to vote against that initiative because it banned things like domestic partnerships as well as gay marriage. Of course after that initiative was defeated, they all claimed that it was because Arizona didn't want to ban gay marriage.

My guess is that Ms. Sinema has read alot of Alinsky in her time.