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Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Laughing All the Way

It looks Eric Holder and not Napolitano will be Attorney General.

A few reasons to laugh on this one:

1) Those Democrats who were voting for Obama over Clinton in the interest of "hope and change" have to be delighted to see the guy who was Bill Clinton's deputy AG and green-lighted the Marc Rich pardon.

2) While Napolitano is still in the running for other cabinet posts, AG was the big one. Plus she's a lower-tier candidate for Education and Homeland Secretary, what sort of cred would she bring to either? All day kindergarten? Having the Legislature push her into sending the National Guard to the border?

3) I find the idea that she wouldn't go to Washington for anything less than AG because a Republican would replace her to be window dressing. So she won't leave the 9th Floor in the hands of the Republicans who could undo her legacy.... unless she got a really good job? Huh?

With a chance to turn the Legislature Democratic how much time did she spend in Arizona supporting the local races versus going national campaigning for Obama? To say you aren't going to leave the Democrats here in Arizona in the lurch for "anything less" is like a guy leaving the girl he just seduced after he told he would love her forever because he has " important meeting in the morning."

Trust me, if she got a lower-tier cabinet post she will go because as she will state at her teary-eyed news conference before she departs for the capital "When the President-elect calls you to serve your country..."

4) If she doesn't get any cabinet appointment, I hope that Senator Bruns will send her a condolence card attached to the latest JLBC fiscal highlight with a note for her to call him.