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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
In the Cross Hairs

Nothing like taking advantage of a tragedy to push an agenda...

This morning, PETA sent an urgent letter to Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano urging her to push for legislation that would ban hunting by anyone under the age of 18. PETA's letter comes in the wake of allegations that an 8-year-old boy intentionally shot and killed his father, St. Johns resident Vincent Romero, and Romero's friend Timothy Romans on November 5. The boy had previously hunted prairie dogs with his father.

Oh dear where to begin... because we all know it's a short distance from plunking prairie dogs with a .22 to shooting up your classmates. I kid of course, but apparently not PETA (emphasis below is mine):

We should be teaching our children kindness and respect, not that it is fine to harm and kill others simply because they are different....

...Experts agree that it is the severity of the behavior--not the species of the victim--that matters. FBI interviews with murderers showed that 36 percent had tortured and killed animals as children and 46 percent had done so as adolescents. Cruelty to animals is common in the violent histories of our nation's serial killers and school shooters.

I love the use of "others" and "species" to put humans and animals on the same plane. No seriously, I grew up in an area where hunting was an excused absence from school. Lot of classmates were out during the first day of gun season and then on doe day, only to show up at lunch with tasty venison sandwiches. Come to think of it alot of those kids went into the military out of high school, more than a few into the Marines. I am sure that will be the subject of another PETA press release.

I mean they have a point here, because today's hunters could grow up to do unspeakable things like.... become governor of Alaska or run for vice president on the GOP ticket. Today's hunters are tomorrow's war criminals.

There are some who would like to see PETA go away. I say nonsense because having PETA around makes it far easier for us to flush the idiots out into the open... just like flushing quail

Dick Cheney would understand