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Sunday, November 9, 2008
The End.... Again

Closing up the election port-mortem....

Last night I received a surprise call from my good friend Thomas, who to his eternal benefit is slowly transforming into a Tar Heel. We talked a bit about the election and reflecting on Thomas' experience on Capitol Hill I remarked on how I could empathize with Democrats and how they felt over the past week because I was in the almost exact same position when the Republicans took Congress.

Okay not quite the same because Clinton was in the White House but he was tottering. We just took over both houses for the first time in forty years and did so not just because out of voter disgust with the Democrats but also because we had an explicit conservative manifesto for transforming Washington. None of that Obama waffling and vague "hope" and "change", nope we laid it all out in the Contract with America and still won.

How well did that work? Of the 95 major programs that the Contract had promised to eliminate, by 2000 those budgets had increased by 13%. Ask a Democrat how fast you got from "Cannot Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" to scaling back your agenda to mollify the bond markets and how much longer was it until Clinton signed on for welfare reform.

Oh one final thing, this time on the death of the Republican Party. The first time I came across that phrase was when I was digging around in the library doing research and came across a newspaper column from 1974. Since that time I have read similar articles written in 1988 and 1992. Maybe this time the doomsayers will be right, after all even Krugman gets it right in his columns every now and then. Then on the other hand I seem to remember quite a few columns over the last 25 years regarding the imminent death of the Democratic Party as well.

Once again... everyone have a beer or gin or whatever your drink of choice is and calm down. Please oh please stop writing op-ed pieces like this in which the writer seems to think Obama is reliving the Kennedy Administration, from New Frontier and Camelot all the way to martyrdom. The good man hasn't been president-elect for more than a week.

My word.