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Wednesday, October 29, 2008
The Wages of Betrayal

Got some interesting e-mail regarding the end of my previous post when I remarked on those Palin staffers who have been leaking disparging remarksabout their boss to the press.

I said people should be blackballed but after reading some e-mail and thinking about it, I think I have been too harsh. After all ripping on your previous employer for your personal profit is widespread, so far be it for me to pound on some staffers. Take Scott McClellan, a man whose entire national stature, his entire ability to have a book published is due to the fact that he worked for President Bush. So what does he do? He writes a book ripping the man down and earns himself a tidy sum of money doing it.

At least Mr. McClellan wasn't earning the King's shilling at the time of his betrayal which is more than I can say for the Palin staffers. Not only are they on the payroll but their comments do nothing to help the cause for which they are hired. They are betraying not only the people they work for but they are betraying their paycheck.

So perhaps blackballing is too lenient for these people, but any punishment too harsh if we just focus on these most recent miscreants. If Obama is elected, he'll face the same phenomena so let's work on creating a bipartisan solution. Heck let's have a blue ribbon commission to ratify my suggested solution.

Every few years, let's line up those who have been found guilty of betrayal and have them draw lots. Those who draw the good ones will be forced to live in internal exile, far from the corridors of power, where they can no longer ply their trade craft for anything larger than a campaign for the PTA. There they can live out their lives and die in oblivion, trying to see how much they can stretch that last paycheck or book advance...

Remember those are the good lots, I'm still thinking what to do with those who draw the bad lots... maybe they can fight each other to the death in cage matches dressed up like Mel Gibson in Thunderdome with Donna Brazile dressed up like Tina Turner overseeing the festivities.

Yeah that'll work, just as long as their demise will serve as an example to others.