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Sunday, October 12, 2008
The Rezko Fork

Imagine you are the first human to visit Mars. On one of your excursions across The Red Planet you come across an amazing discovery; no not flowing water or some form of bacterial life or even Marvin's Illudium Pu-36 Explosive Space Modulator. No of this fabulous scientific discoveries you find a fork, a simple everyday dinner fork. With that simple discovery, your world is blown apart.

Why? Because it changes your assumptions and preconceptions, your very world view. You can often find clouds that have assumed (temporarily) the shape of animals. You can sometimes find a potato in the shape of Mother Teresa. However it's impossible for a fork to self-create, someone had to put it there. Were there space-faring civilizations on Earth before ours? Have aliens already visited our Solar System? When? Are they watching us? Do they also use forks and spoons?

Tony Rezko, for the purpose of this campaign, is a fork.

Now I have changed my opinion somewhat of the famous Rezko-Obama land deal. Scummy yes. Unethical quite. However not illegal under Illinois or federal statute. However what on Earth is a man like Obama, Mr. Hopeandchange, doing making sweetheart real estate deals with the likes of a Chicago political fixer like Rezko? Think about the land deal and your view of Obama and how emerged from the swampland of Chicagoland politics has to change.

Now if you have made it this far good for you, I'll turn you over to someone who can pick up the story from here and explain how Rezko the Fork leads to all sorts of nasty work.

Clearly, Obama’s legal Achilles heel is not directly related to Rezko but rather his dealings with the Giannoulis family and Broadway Bank. And if Fitzy can turn young Alexi – now Illinois State Treasurer – Lord knows what will spill out and complicate an Obama presidency.

As they say, read the whole thing.

Now Rick Moran believes that nothing will come of this before the election, because "Fitzy," that is US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald of Plame fame, builds his cases slowly and surely. I agree because Mr. Fitzgerald's duty is to the legal profession and timetable, not the political one. Of course US attorneys often get swept aside when a new president takes office so we'll see if Mr. Fitzgerald is around to see the snow melt next year.