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Monday, October 27, 2008
Obama as My President

You take a week off from discussing the Election and things are good. So let's get the final week of the race off to a good start with a tone-setter.

If Obama wins next week, he will be my president.

No "in spite of " with the blank being ACORN-style election fraud or goofiness in fund raising or the in-the-tank media. None of that.... he will be my president without any qualifications.

Note that doesn't mean those things I just listed aren't problems and that they shouldn't be addressed in the context of fixing them and shooting some of the guilty. It just means that elections and civic tone are too important for some of the nonsense that we've seen for the past 8 years.

Let me give you an analogy from your high school sports days, After the game, win or lose, what did you do? You shook the other team's hands and told them good game. Maybe you didn't mean it, maybe you thought they cheated or the ref was a homer for the other team, but being a good sport demands you go through the ritual. You lost, they won, and you get to think about it during that long, quiet bus ride home. The rules of the game not only demand a winner and a loser, but also demands the loser accept the verdict

(Yes I know the construction of that last sentence has "rules" that are "demanding" and that's exactly how I meant it in a Stoic, logos-sort of way. So take your small-world rules of English grammar and stuff it)

During the past 8 years I have heard some of the most vile invective coming from some of this nation's most highly educated citizens regarding the legitimacy of the Bush Administration. Very public stuff, very nasty. I have ended friendships because of those comments, because these people have been transformed by that hate into something I no longer recognize. The thing is speech in this country may be free, but it isn't without consequence. You cannot get up and say democracy has been subverted without weakening the very foundations on which our system rests. You not only weaken faith in that system but you give justification to those who wish to use every means necessary to get their way - witness the assassination fantasies over the past 8 years.

So I'm not going down that same rat hole. I'll say the same thing to Obama as I did to the Democrats after they won Congress 2006... congratulations. If he is elected and comes to my door, I'll shake his hand and wish him and his family well. When he goes overseas, I hope people here understand that while they may not respect the man they should respect the office and that we don't cut our presidents down when they're off in the world on company business.

We're better than that. We're better than they have been for the past 8 years.

That doesn't mean rolling over and playing dead for 4 years, far from it. I have a deep dread of what may happen but I for the time being I will wait and watch and let him make the first move. I will base my criticism on substantive grounds and I hope other Republicans do as well, after all there is thing called a loyal opposition. I'll discuss some of that later in the week.

For now if Obama wins I'll be down at Sonoran Brewing Company and for any Demopcrat who comes up... I'll buy them beer. As for Republicans, you'll have to buy your own because my credit card won't be able to cover any tab high enough to drown our sorrows.