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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some thoughts...

I had trouble sleeping last night, weird dreams, recurring nightmares; I thought I must have had a fever. I turned on the computer and read the papers and then I knew right away why I couldn't sleep. It was two headlines:

From the NY Times: "US Investing $250 Billion in Banks"

and from the WSJ: "How to Rescue the Banks: The Treasury Secretary is On the Right Track" by Senator Schumer

It was then I just realized that we gave the government the commanding heights in our financial markets just weeks before a likely Democratic sweep in the elections. If Schumer's former colleague Patrick Moynihan was still in the Senate I might feel better....

Other news...

On the ACORN front with all the fraudulent voters registrations that organization turned in; ACORN stands for "Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now." You know who else used to be a community organizer? So this is what community organizers do? Try and defile the electoral process? Anyone? Bueller?

Paul Krugman and the Nobel Prize. For as long as I have been reading Dr. Krugman in the NY Times, I have heard people make excuses for his writing by stating that he was such an accomplished economist that he could one day win the Nobel Prize. So now he did and I will say based on what little I know of his work, good job and congratulations. However... no let's just leave it at congratulations.

As far as the supposed story, since largey debunked, of Governor Palin being roundly booed at a Flyers hockey game... did anybody who reported the incident bother to acknowledge that this happened in Philadelphia? Where the fans have booed Santa Claus?

(btw... I though it was a mistake for the Flyers to invite her to drop the puck)