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Saturday, October 4, 2008
Cannot Expect a Reporter to Know This

In importance in Arizona politics right now, right up there with "if" Governor Napolitano is appointed as Attorney General to an Obama cabinet is "when" that would happen. Given the immediate crisis of the State's budget, it's a question of whether the Legislature will meet in lame duck after the November election or wait until the new Legislature is seated in January.

Last night on KAET's "Horizon" program, Arizona Republic lead local political reporter Mary Jo Pitzl opined (I'm paraphrasing here) that the "when" is not important given that previous cabinet appointments occurred in the January following the election. Actually for the past two AG selections made by new president-elects, Zoe Baird and John Ashcroft, their nominations were announced in December.

Something to keep in mind if Governor Napolitano continues to offer the need "to come to agreement on numbers" as a reason for delaying to call the Legislature back into the session until January.