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Thursday, September 18, 2008
That's No Way to Win Pennsylvania

Joe Biden was selected to be Obama's running mate, to help Obama connect with Pennsylvania because I guess he lived in Scranton through the 5th grade - why no reporters have flooded the zone in Lackawanna County like they did in Alaska is beyond me.

I doubt Biden is going to help in Pennsylvania; he might even be deserving of a wedgie.

From today's Political Punch:

Although Biden said he was a Steelers fan in a meeting with the team's coach Mike Tomlin on Aug. 29, he later said in a Sept. 8 visit to a Green Bay bar outside of Lambeau Field that he'd been a Packers fan since grade school.

Today, he added three more favorites to the list -- the Eagles, the Colts and the Giants.

First of all that's 5 teams, quite a few. Despite the cross-state thing I can understand the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia thing given what the Steelers did for him when Biden's family suffered a tragic car accident.

However the inclusion of both the Eagles and Giants? That's just plain nuts.

I grew up right on the fault line between New York and Philadelphia and one of the first teams I followed was the Yankees (3rd graders are the biggest bandwaggoners and I was reading the NY Times) As I got older my loyalities gravitated toward the southern and may I add proper side of the fault line. When I was a freshman in high school I made the mistake of mentioning within earshot of an upperclassman that I liked both the Yankess and Phillies; the older boy in question informed that such divided loyalities simply weren't done and that if I didn't make a choice right then and there I would be hanging from the flagpole by my underwear.

Same with the Giants and Eagles, bitter division rivals. You can like one, you can like the other, but you really cannot like both. You just cannot. Biden has lived within the shadow of the City of Brotherly Love for some 55 years, he knows that to be a dual fan of both the Giants and Eagles is impossible. If I was McCain I would flood the Philly TV market about Biden's Giant-love and watch that state go red in November. If Pennsylvania falls, so does Obama.

Senator Obama, it's time to take Biden to the closest flagpole and explain to him that he has a choice to make