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Saturday, September 6, 2008
The Quick Hit Gender Card

This theme of this post is not about the lower half of the Republican ticket, I swear. I said yesterday I'll give that a rest.

Nope instead this is about a certain Arizona Republic opinion writer and the Quick Hit format.

First the writer. Linda Valdez is a self-described feminist who is on the self-appointed mission to defend the world against conservatives and Republicans, who are not only wrong but evil. That Manichean view of the American political scene provides for some let-em-rip commentary but doesn't do a whole lot to inform and persuade.

Second. Some time ago the Republic started to run "Quick Hit" pieces; 75 word missives written by their various op-ed writers and stuck in what would otherwise be unused space at the top of the page. There's not alot in the way of useful thought or argument that can be developed in 75 words; pretty much all you can do is a drive-by slam of someone or some other red meat action. Sort of like of all the negatives of blogging with none of the positives, you would think though they could get 75 words right.

Let's look at Ms. Valdez's quick hit in today's paper:

The GOP screams "race card" any time Obama even hints about his racial background. Nor did Hillary get to play the woman as victim even when the media was dissecting her laugh. (Has anyone analyzed McCain's?) How things change when the woman is on the other side. Suddenly, any criticism of the breathtakingly unqualified "Sarah Barracuda" is decried as "sexism." Those GOP guys have a whole deck of "gender cards" and they are ready to play.

Wow, there's alot packaged in those 75 words- calling Governor Palin "breathtakingly unqualified," stating that the GOP is jumping on any criticism as her as "sexism," and wrapping it all up as the Republicans playing the "gender card(s)." A nice neat argument- the Republicans, who in Ms. Valdez's view are anti-woman, nominate an unqualified woman to the ballot in order to make a crass appeal to the woman vote and then attack any legitimate critism of her as "sexism." Politics as its worse and of course with only 75 words to play with, Valdez doesn't have to back any of it up.

So imagine my surprise when I stumbled across Joe Biden, who is running on the other ticket, making the exact same allegation as the Republicans. Don't believe me? Check the video that was posted two days ago, long before Valdez put her quick hit to bed.

Hate speech, sterotyping of people who are different, reckless attacks with no regard to the facts... why does Ms. Valdez have a job writing supposedly informed commentary?