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Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Guess Who's Coming....

Hollywood is into remakes so here's an idea for them....

Remake Guess Who's Coming to Dinner but change Sidney Poitier's to one resembling Sarah Palin.

Here's the setting, nice young man from a nice family on the Upper West Side is coming home for Christmas and he bringing his girlfriend to meet the family for the first time. He and his girlfriend have a secret, they are engaged.

We can set the guy's family is a liberal Manhattan family. Let's use all the stereotypes... a brother who is gay, sister who is into some sort of Eastern mystical religion, let's say the parents are divorced and have been remarried multiple times. Gleaning material from the lifestyle sections of the New Yorker and Wall Street Journal, let's say as a rite of passage all the kids on their 16th birthday get a plastic surgery procedure of their choice.

The girlfriend is from somewhere in flyover country, which puts her somewhere east of San Bernadino and west of Morristown, NJ. She seems nice enough to the family at first, well-spoken, knows a few languages, has a graduate degree. The fun begins as over the course of the weekend the family begins to ask the normal questions any family would regarding a newcomer.

Where did you go on your first date? Oh he took me to see a play/art house movie/gallery opening so the next date I got to pick and took him to a shooting range, one day I'm going to bring him with me when I go hunting.

Perhaps the father will check with the son about dangers of STD and the young man can offer Oh we haven't done anything yet, she doesn't believe in premarital sex.

Maybe the women of the family will get together in the kitchen and gossip about someone they know whose daughter just had an abortion. The young woman would hear the conversation and have a distressed look on her face. When the other women ask why she can relate the fact that a cousin of hers got pregnant at 21 and based on her pro-life beliefs decided to keep the baby and marry the father

Saturday night rolls around and the whole family is out for dinner. The young lady whispers something to her beau and when the family asks what is up, the young man tells the family that his girlfriend doesn't know where to go to church the next day.

I could go on.

I know that in the original, Poitier's character was set up to be perfect in everyway with the only grating feature that of his race while in my proposed remake the rough edges are supplied by the young woman's beliefs. However here we are extending the concept of the "other" a bit further. There are tens of millions of people like Sarah Palin in this country; God-fearing people who live out their faith in their everyday lives and not just on Sunday. People who own guns and think nothing of going out to shoot wildlife on the weekends (I used to work with a woman who fretted about missing an upcoming board meeting because she drew a tag for elk.) People who don't shuck where they come from when they get to the big city but rather wear their hometown as a badge of honor.

I have been deeply distressed about the reaction of many people to Palin's nomination. There are things not to like about her and there are many who have legitimate reasons not to like her, but because she's from a small-town in Alaska and graduated from the University of Idaho, is an evangelical, and lives out her faith as best she can people, especially those of so called coastal elites will believe the worst about her (book banning, charging for rape kits, regressive fundamentalists, Alaska Independence Party/proto-militiaist)

By the way of comparison, it took several years for me to hear such personal slander about Bill Clinton and then only mentioned within closed Republican circles and then only to the embarrassment of those within earshot. Now it took only a few weeks with such filth being broadcast proudly from the pages and airwaves of our most prominent media outlets.

Palin Derangement Syndrome yes and it has restarted the cultural war.

Ask one of these people what the difference between an evangelical and fundamentalist and watch them sputter... talk about ignorance.

So yeah remake the movie and let's have fun with it