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Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Free Advice for Obama

I was talking with a good friend and frequent reader of the blog as I wanted to get his take on the election; we have different perspectives but share a sound judgment, well at least his is.

He thought that with the recent tanking of Wall Street and the economy, that things were starting to blow Obama's way. Hard to disagree with that, after all things are messy and grim and it would seem the electorate would turn any and all Republicans out on their ear. However the sound from Obama on the issue is a bit muted... or at least not as clear as you would think.

I'm going for a gander here and say it's because Senator Obama has a problem with the oodles of contributions from the likes of Lehman Brothers and Fannie Mae. Maybe it's something else, but for whatever reason Obama is unable to lead the attack on this.

Here's my suggestion, delegate the job by announcing this very week your nomination for Treasury Secretary.

Yeah it looks a little presumptious to be making cabinet picks before you are even elected but just go out and admit that up front and counteract it by saying that beyond the short-term bail-out of the week, Americans need to know what the plan is here on out. So much of bad news is the uncertainity of when the bad news is going to stop, the first thing to boost morale and provide hope is to let people know how you are going to fix things.

Obama is not the type of details/plans guy, he just isn't; he's all hope and change. Okay that's fine because a big part of being a chief executive is picking good people. So Obama should go get a big heavy that has cred on the Street, hey Robert Rubin is already on your council of economic advisors, get him on board and have that guy go out and sell Obama's plan to fix the crisis.

Of course that presumes Obama has a plan but if there's anytime to get a mandate that might have you look like a genius in 12 months, now's the time. Think of the positives:

1) Picking a Rubin or even a Larry Summers makes Obama look, dare I say it, presidential.

2) A bold move in a troubling time would help steal the Republican's thunder, maybe not as much as a game changer as the Palin selection, but it would eliminate her from the news cycle until the debates.

3) It cannot hurt

The downside?

Well my advice is free so you get what you pay for.

Also I doubt I'm voting for Obama anyway... but if any Democrat wants to take the idea and run with it go ahead.

All I ask in return is that the new Obama dog not be a poodle