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Friday, September 12, 2008
A Forgotten Place

Maybe not too forgotten after the mention of Georgia during the Gibson-Palin interview last night but it does seem the world has moved on regarding the Russian assault on Georgia. To add some perspective, check out the following stories posted here and here by journalist Michael Totten

The first story provides additional evidence that the Russian attack on Georgia was long in planning and not just a rapid response to the Georgian incursion into South Ossetia.

The second is interesting from three perspectives:

The first is the sheer guts of Totten's companion who on the drop of a hat has them take a taxi into Russian-occupied Georgia and talking their way past Russian Army checkpoints.

Second, is the proximity of not only Russian Army units to the capital Tbilisi, but the nearness of South Ossetia (which presumably Russian units will remain after their withdrawal) to the main east-west highway in Georgia. As I have written before, Russia will keep Georgia in a hammer-lock for years to come.

Third, toward the end of the story when Totten and his companion head back return through the first Russian checkpoint, check out Totten's description of the militiamen co-manning the checkpoint. There were many stories of irregulars, of various pro-Russian ethnicities, committing ethnic cleansing and atrocities throughout Abkhazia, South ssetia, and Russian-occupied Georgia. Nice to get a first-hand description of what they look like.