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Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Campaign Debris

Miscellaneous thoughts on campaign issues and tactics

When I heard last last week that Obama campaign manager David Plouffe called it "...the first day of the rest of the campaign" I had to laugh. The "first day of the rest...." is a great personal affirmation, it's also a great indication that you are in deep trouble so if the comment is going to be worth anything you better make sure you're showing some immediate movement in the right direction.

So what did the Obama campaign then proceed to do? First Obama attacked McCain's patriotism. Then the campaign give full vent to the Kos side of its personality with the ad mocking McCain for not using e-mail when in fact his war injuries make it painful for him to type. That sound you hear is Carville banging his head against his desk wondering why no one can play this game... perhaps the Obama will declare a do-over and make today the first day of the rest of the campaign.


Good post from Johnny Utah on how Palin can take on the "experience" of Biden

I expected the "October Surprises" to start dropping well... in October. Well I guess mid-September is close enough with the allegation from an Iraqi official that Obama asked the Iraqi government to delay a plan regarding US troop withdrawal until after the November election. Alot of smoke here and there may be very little fire, but as Instapundit says the Obama campaign's denial doesn't sound like much of a denial.

Ways for the Democrats to take on Sarah Palin? More of this and less of this.....

Finally my laugh of the week. Yesterday I was listening to the Diane Rehm show on NPR and the discussion was on the meltdown of the investment banks. One member of the panel, I forgot who, while admitting the campaigns had suggested medium and long-term solutions to the ongoing financial crisis, criticized them for not suggesting any short-term solutions. Of course the gentleman in question failed to acknoweldge that in the short-term, Bush is still in the guy in the White House and that the only thing McCain and Obama are running right now are their repective campaigns.