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Monday, September 15, 2008
Blogger Get-Together

Quick update on last night's blogger get-together:

Great to have met John Moore last night, when I arrived he was on a roll about global warming and it just got better from there. Check out his site at Useful Fools

Even better to see Special Agent Johnny Utah again.

The most remarkable that John McJunkin drove to Sunnyslope all the way from south Chandler

(and thanks to Vox for putting it all together)

Quick aside before it comes out that I favor stopping runaway medical costs by doing a Logan's Run on everyone over 65....

One point of agreement last night was that health care is viewed by Americans as an entitlement. Once you look at that way, alot of the policy preferences surrounding the health debate in this country become clear. Not only with the exploding medicaid costs with the the rising income floor and things like S-Chip, but also that General Motors has evolved to the point where it seems it has become a nonprofit that makes cars in order provide its employees health care.

Something's got to give... and no that doesn't mean sending grandma to the Sleepshop