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Thursday, August 21, 2008
Travel to Foreign Lands, Meet Interesting People...

Since Atlanta in 1996, I always say that I won't watch the Olympics. The drugs, the kumbayaitis, the fact that synchronized diving and the half pipe are medal events; all of that just leaves me saying meh.

However I always get sucked in. Usually it's the family watching it and I drift out of the study and find myself hooked. I find I don't even need a few beers now to just put on blinders to all the crap to just appreciate the seemingly superhuman performances; of course keep in mind I have never been able to do a backward roll, let alone a cart wheel so my appreciation of the men gymnasts on the rings is sort of like Stone Age man seeing Neil Armstrong.

I also like having the Olympics in other countries. It's nice watching the people of the host country cheer on their fellow citizens, watching them show sheer joy in the stands.

Okay enough of the mushy stuff.

The real reason I like the Olympics in other countries is that we as taxpayers don't have to pay for them. Spend billions for buildings that for the most part will never be used again for their intended purposes, I think the velodrome for the 1976 Montreal Olympics was converted to a bug museum. I see Chicago is bidding for the 2016 games; with the cost of the 2012 London games heading well north of $10 billion, could we just all agree, Democrats and Republicans, Cubs and White Sox fans, cats and dogs, to just never host another Olympics in this country ever again.