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Sunday, August 24, 2008
The Prince of Insufficient Light

The fun and joy of reading the local fishwrap; from last week's Arizona Republic's editorial "Time to Dump Pearce":

(Russell) Pearce's association with a White supremacist and much-publicized incidents such as forwarding an e-mail from a neo-Nazi group to hundreds of supporters have made it easy for critics to portray Pearce as the ugly face of the Republican Party. As a result, it is becoming tougher for Republicans to fare well in statewide contests. Voter registration figures show more new voters are shunning the GOP and registering as Democrats or independents.

Whatever you want to say about Russell Pearce, the idea that the Republicans are losing registrants and consequently statewide elections because of him, a representative from Mesa, is fairly laughable. The GOP brand is in a serious funk nationwide and I doubt a voter in Yuma or Glendale even knows who Pearce is, let alone uses Pearce's associations to affect his or her voting behavior.

Plus I love the Republic's use of "much-publicized" with its semi-passive connotations. The paper has gone out of its way to publicize Nathan Sproul's anti-Pearce mail drops. If that voter in Yuma or Glendale knows anything about Pearce, it's probably because they have been reading the Republic.