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Friday, August 1, 2008
Miscellaneous Debris

Some thoughts....

First I forgot to mention that last week's bloggerfest at Four Peaks Brewery was a big success. One day we'll get El Gringo to come but we may have to bring the mountain to him... block party in El Mirage anyone?

Packer GM Ted Thompson might just a modern day Machiavelli. There are reports both that the Packers offered Brett Favre $20 million over 10 years to stay retired and also that Favre is considering taking it. So Favre may take $20 million so he wouldn't do what he's thinking about doing and instead keeping doing what he said he will? Where I come from such a pay-off in a slightly different context will get you 7 to 10 at Rahway

Here's where the Machiavelli element comes in. Favre has been getting the better of the Packers in the PR game; after a great season, local legend was pushed to retire by cold-hearted souless front office. Now that he wants to come back, all those mean men will offer him as a roster spot; If this was played out in the Astrodome, the whole crowd would be chanting "Let him play!" after all he's just doing it for the love of the game. However now there is word that he might take the money and not play, I mean if he loved the game that much wouldn't he pay millions to play and not the other way around?

Other news...

A little more than a month after it pumped up a state budget that was founded on borrowing and blue sky predictions, the Arizona Republic just discovered what only a genius or someone who can count would know; that state sales tax reciepts shrank during the past fiscal year. The fact that sales tax revenue, which is one of the 3 revenue pillars of the state budget, was declining was reported last month by the JLBC as the budget was being passed. However now with the budget passed and put to bed, only now does the Republic start paying attention to JLBC reports

That was "news" that could have been used... the other month. I bet when the Legislature needs to get called back before January to fix the gaping holes in the FY2009 budget that the Republic would claim it never saw that one coming as well.

So giving his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in front of thousands of supporters is not enough, presumptive nominee Barack Obama is going to move the speech over to the Broncos football stadium so he can give it in front of tens of thousands of supporters. At first I thought he was going to do it to bump Denver's lagging tourist economy, but now...

In the modern age with mass media and a democracy of hundreds of millions of people, the best way to reach voters is not through speeches in front of large crowds but rather using the electronic media of TV and radio. The only reason to give a speech in front of tens of thousands of cheering supporters is to generate images that can be beamed out tens of millions of voters. The man can give a speech when placed in front of a teleprompter and he can drive a tingle up the media's collective leg so this is going to be quite a spectacle; it's the logic of mass rallies and crowds amplfied by the reach of modern communications.

You think this would be more of a national issue. We have been hearing for the past 7 years about how the current administration has been playing on the fears and emotions of the electorate in order to hoodwink and thereby swindle them. Yet one of the nominees for President not only has the tendency to give emotional yet vapid speeches ("we are the change we have been waiting for"), to show a degree of hubris in those speeches ("this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal"), but to also want to give national speeches in front of tens of thousands of people. Don't get me started on the speech in Berlin in front of hundreds of thousands of Germans while using as a backdrop the Victory Column which celebrates the triumphs of Prussian militarism.

Use of emotion and not reason in a quasi-religious way. Devoid of substance. In front of mass groups of people.