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Sunday, July 27, 2008
Please Go Away...

...Brett Favre

I have no problem with a star athlete who wants to continue his career through the downward arc. I was too young to remember Willie Mays with Mets, but I certainly could remember Steve Carlton as he bounced from team to team trying to prolong a career. Athletes die young and once your time passes, you're done. So if someone is willing to keep playing when he's no longer a star, trying to eek out another year playing the same sport he's been suiting up since elementary school, I say good for him. There will always be another day to make your exit.

Of course if you are Barry Zito, you can ease your way through the downside of your career with the knowledge that you are only 30 and in the second year of an $127 million contract.

As for Mr. Favre...

I'm not a Packer fan or hater, but I am a Brett Favre fan. I enjoyed his enthusiasm, I enjoyed his grittiness, and I enjoyed the fact that whenever my team played against the Packers him he would try to force the ball into triple coverage. I could forgive the perrnial soap opera of the past few years of will or will he not retire. He was getting up in age, the team around him was weak, and he could feel the end was near. As for the people who wanted him to go out early before he became an "embarrassment," that was his decision not theirs. One should never go gently into the good night and certainly should never go for the convenience of others.

So after several years of this, when he finally decided to call it quits, I felt that he was finally at peace with himself and moving on. We could close the book on the career and celebrate both the man and what he meant to football. A eulogy or a memorial if you will. We the fans, after his carefully made decision, could let ourselves go and place Mr. Favre into the golden age of proud sports memories that we pass on from generation to generation.

Then the darn guy wanted to claw out of his coffin.

Look Favre. We watched you play for 17 years. We followed yours up and downs. We endured your stupid emotional roller coaster after the last several season on whether you would retire or not. You had alot of practice trying to make this decision so we all figured that when you decided to go, that you knew what you were doing. That you knew when July rolled around and training camp neared, that you would feel the pull of the gridiron but that you would be able to resist. That you knew that when you announced your retirement, that the Packers would move on and hand the starting job to your heir apparent. That you were mature enough to know that the next time you would step onto Lambeau Field, that it would be last and it would be only to retire your number.

We thought you knew this so when you gave us the word we enshrined you as one of the football immortals.

But no, you hadn't thought it through.

You bastard.

Please go away.