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Wednesday, July 9, 2008
Music in the Car

When I'm driving by myself I usually listen to audio books, mainly history (current book is Robert Massie's Nicholas and Alexandria.) However when the kids are in the car I play music.

One of the kids is in middle school and is just developing his taste in music and he will cut his own path. I do try to provide a nice assortment of 60's/70's rock, blues, and some older country western; the goal is at least to plant some seeds in the boy's mind.

Sadly I have had to modify this effort in recent weeks...

First my wife made me take Johnny Cash off the play list. It seems that while the younger boy was at a friend's birthday party he kept signing the Man in Black's lyrics including "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die." Well that caused quite a scandal with the friend's mother

Second, I will periodically turn off the music so we can talk. During one of these discussions, the older boy asked what was "male enhancement" and why did they keep advertising it on the radio? Did it have something to do with the post office?


So after those 2 strikes I went to Music Plan B... the radio dial is now permanently set to the classic music station.

Yeah kids, try corrupting yourselves on Tchaikovsky and his friends. If you don't like that, I'll snap in the audio book and you can learn the intricacies of court life in Imperial Russia.

Good times.