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Thursday, July 24, 2008
Arizonans for McCain

Hell is to be the NY Times reporter covering McCain's campaign this week. While your colleagues are covering Obama's global pre-victory, you are assigned to spend time in Phoenix during July. So what do you write about?

You write about how McCain is in such deep trouble that he has to campaign in his home state so he doesn't lose it. Well that's the lede you take anyway and you're going to stick with it. To top it off, some copy editor sticks a title on it that says "With Arizona Changing, McCain Focuses on Home "

Man that Obama character is great. While he's out celebrating his immient victory by setting up his foreign policy and organizing his transition, he's got his opponent stuck campaigning in his home state. This election may such a runaway that you Walter Mondale, may just get off the schneid.

( A friend of mine alerted me to this article because there's a picture of McCain shaking hands at the Eggery restaurant at Cambelback & Central. If you look carefully at curtains in the window you can just make out the stain caused when one of my kids accidentaly launched his ketchup across the room.)

Lots of butch talk about how McCain may be going down.

But a variety of factors have made Mr. McCain’s chances in Arizona less assured than they ordinarily would seem, which his campaign has acknowledged.


“John McCain has striking vulnerabilities here,” said Emily DeRose, spokeswoman for the Arizona Democratic Party. “We are going to take him to the mat. We are not giving him a pass in Arizona.”


On Super Tuesday, Mr. McCain captured 47 percent of his party’s voters, hardly the resounding victory that a candidate who has represented his state for over 25 years might expect.

Get the picture? It takes about 1/4 of the way through the article for the truth to come out

The Democratic ambitions may be largely bluster. Neither Mr. McCain nor Senator Barack Obama, his presumed rival this fall, appears to be spending money in the state. There are no advertisements, and the Obama campaign has no paid staff here.

Yep... and in the last 2 lines of the article we find out what that means.

Ms. Simmons, the McCain staff member, said the lack of resources being shown by both campaigns was an indicator that there was no real race in Arizona.

“I think it would be a real stretch to say Arizona is a battleground state for us,” she said, “just as it would be a stretch to say Illinois is a battleground state for Obama.”

That's not only some brilliant reporting but also fine making-a-mountain-out-of-a-molehill, stuff that only someone working for one of the greatest newspapers in the world or some anonymous blogger could write.