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Monday, June 9, 2008
Whole Lotta 70's

I have been noticing a definite 70's vibe in the area and not just in a Jimmy Cater sort of way.

I picked up my 12 year old today and like always, he will sit int he back seat and sing some song he just heard. Now it's usually hard to figure out what he's singing, because well he sings like me, but after a while I figured out he was singing "Whole Lotta Love."

So I asked him what he was singing....

"Oh a hot new group all the kids are talking about"

Which group was that?

"Led Zepplin"

Now I try to be a good Dad. but I do have a touch of the cruel and let's face it, he's been a typical middle school snotty know-it-all. He's at the great age when kids start to figure out they are both cooler and way more knowledgeable than their parents. So one day soon, when he's on one of his riffs I'm going to pop his bubble by mentioning that the "hot new group" Led Zepplin he likes so much?

I used to have all their albums....

....on 8-track.

Now if only he would go for Dred Zepplin, then we would have a true father-son moment.