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Thursday, June 19, 2008
My Little Hobgoblin

I think Barack Obama is being treated a little unfairly regarding his decision to go back on his pledge regarding public campaign financing. Yes he has pledged to stay on public financing in the general election if his Republican opponent would agree to do the same.

However consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. If times and circumstances change, sticking to a now outdated solution for the sake of consistency is well.. stupid.

So what changed?

Well Obama made the pledge before he became the presumptive nominee, when he bursting on the scene as the harbinger of hope and change. He was the underdog, the fresh face taking on the Clinton Machine. We all know candidates make all sorts of promises in the primaries in order to appeal to the base or stick out from the crowd of candidates (I'm looking at you Chris Dodd) that just aren't going to cut it in the general election.

After all Nominee Obama has different needs than Candidate Obama. Based on current projections, Obama stands to raise more than 3x what McCain will receive from public financing, that's alot of scratch to give up on principle.

Plus I'm betting it was Austan Goolsbee who advised Obama on all of this.

So Obama makes the announcement through a video on a Web site and spends the day ducking questions. Within a week, the flip-flop will be old news and the media cycle will be chewing on something else. Obama will have his money and force McCain to fight up-hill on this.

Yes he'll pay a price for it and if he continues to flip-flop on issues this whole campaign finance episode will come back and bite him as part of "Obama greatest flip-flops." So why did he do it? So far few people in the media are asking why did he take the money ?

Here's my guess... this is a man who since New Hampshire has been one-man blooper reel. It's not just when he's off the teleprompter like in San Francisco with his "clinging" remark. It's the fact that he used people like Ayers, Rezko, and Wright to make his political bones in Chicago and now that he has hit the big time he can claim that's "....not the man I knew. " It's when in March he gave that speech on brace that had many in the media liken him to MLK, that speech when he said he could no more disown Reverend Wright than his own grandmother... when he then proceeded to do weeks later. It goes on and on.

So Obama has to know he is going to get swift boated in the campaign and I'm sorry Mr. Kinsley, but swift boating is not about the irrelevant but rather exposing the hypocrisies of a politician's campaign through the words of the people who actually know him. Except in this case you can just roll the tape of the candidate himself. To counter those allegations, to counter his numerous bloopers and gaffes, to counter his sketchy bio; he's going to have to run a massive media blitz so that he and not his past will define to the world who Obama really is.

That media onslaught will take money, alot of money... about 3x what John McCain on his campaign. Let's see how many people in the MSM squawk this Fall about "too much money in elections.