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Friday, June 13, 2008
Hungry, Hungry Gadsby

I live down the street from John McCain's office and drive by it on a daily basis. Protests are a frequent occurrence, usually it has something to do with Iraq or torturing terrorists, I'm sure the other tenants in the building and Tony's Garage across the street are thrilled, but hey it could be worse... the protesters could be naked.

A few weeks ago a certain gent by the name of Blair Gadsby decided to perch himself on the sidewalk out McCain's office and go on a hunger strike in an effort to gain a meeting with McCain to discuss what Gadsby believes was a government plot to blow up the World Trade Center 9/11... conspiracies, cover-ups, it wasn't Al Queda it was the government.... you know the story.

Now bless Mr. Gadsby's heart. If he wants to go on a hunger strike for a some weird cause he wants to believe in and in the June heat nonetheless, then good for him. I mean after all his own wife is ticked at him, so he's really sacrificing.

The problem is you get what you reward. After fellow conspiracy-theorist Karen Johnson visited Gadsby and wrote a letter to McCain on his behalf then the story was picked up by the media with stories in the paper, TV, and radio. So let's be clear here... matter how wacky your theories are (Gadsby thought the government hired the 9/11 hijackers and that there were explosive pre-positioned in the WTC elevators), if you are willing to make a public spectacle of yourself and can get one other independent person with some pull to back you up then you are going to get some face time with the media. Forget reason, forget exhaustive evidence, as long as you are sincere you will get some P.R. for your cause because after all there really aren't any other stories out there, right?

I wish Mr. Gadsby well, I hope he doesn't ruin his health or his marriage over this but if he started what could be an ongoing freak show in my neighborhood for the next 5 months then I hope he gets a really itchy rash or something