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Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Allow Me to Sweat with Dignity

The lead story on the local news last night was the high(er) temperatures that we are experiencing here in Phoenix. I say high(er) because well it's June and Phoenix and while it is a bit warm, you expect temperature toward and some times above 110.

Well now we have a "heat advisory" and I guess given the number of new residents we get every year and the fact that 110 degrees will do a number on an older person's health that it's not a bad idea to issue a cautionary note to both educate and inform. However do we need the media coverage like this is something new and unique?

Here's the deal, Phoenix has hot summers. If Phoenix had summers that were as nice as its winters, the real estate prices around here would be like you would find in San Diego. 100+ degree days for 4 months of the year are the price you pay for getting to live here.

Yes 100 degree days are not fun, dry heat or not. 110 degrees is like opening an oven door, however, you expect that when you live here. The good news about 110 degree days are that:

1) It makes the days that are only 103 seem pretty nice by comparison

2) It could be alot worse. 116 or 117 and now you are talking, I just missed the 122 degree day in 1990 when they had to close down the airport because it was too hot to fly planes. Also when the monsoon season comes and the overnight temperature never get below 90 degrees, yeah that's a real gas. Nothing like 92 degrees at 5:00 AM.

Here's the thing though, heat should be a matter of pride. I doubt you see the media saturation about a January day in Fairbanks, Alaska when the temperature get a few degrees below normal. A proper attitude is a stiff upper lip because it's hot for everybody and nobody wants to hear you complain

I think the stories in the paper and TV give the less stoic among us license to publicaly complain. The other day I was at the store buying some tools and a man behind me in the cashier line was on his phone to I guess his wife. I had a pipe wrench and the guy in front of me had a hickory tool handle, to top it off the guy looked like a contractor who spent his days working outside. Anyway cell phone guy spent the entire time in line yapping on how hot it was. Perhaps it was only my impression but the contractor was starting to grip his tool handle like a baseball bat, like bat that could be swung at someone with a cell phone.

There is a certain amount of dignity and dare I say it manliness in sweating in silence.